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Mr.Pandarinath Malani , Founded Kiran Udyog

The company is dedicated mainly to the manufacture of fiberglass sleeving


Mr. Shivratan Malani laid the foundation for setting up Kiran Electrical Industries, our first plant for making sleeves

Products we have developed

1972 Empire Sleeves
1980 B class fiberglass sleeves
1992 F class fiberglass sleeves

Progressing Ahead - 1992

KIRAN UDYOG our second plant was established in the year 1992 with the purpose of meeting ever growing demands of customers

Products we have developed

1995 B class PVC sleeves
2002 H class Se/Sr sleeves

Progressing Ahead

In the year 2002 we have established Kiran fiberglass productions , which is into the production of fiberglass tapes

Products we have developed

2003 FG Tape
2005 F class acrylic resin sleeving
2006 FG tying cords
2007 FG cloth
2008 FG polyester tape

ERP (2012-2011)

Products we have developed

2008 FG flat hose
2012 VPI 200 - Silicon Sleevings
2012 VPI 155 - Acrylic Sleevings

The New Phase (2002-2012)